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To consistently deliver products that will live up to our name, our tradition and our credo. It means that, unlike our competitors, we will not offer an array of coffee, teas and related products for you to choose on our website but instead we will present only a few items, but with the highest quality, grade and standards possible in the market.

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Enne Caffe Chocolate Smoothie

Created for the chocolate enthusiast in all of us. Pure European dark chocolate is used to achieve this velvety, rich and decadent drink. Unlike traditional chocolate mixes, we have a high concentration of cocoa, to ensure maximum flavor. Enjoy it anytime and anywhere, hot or cold!
Directions for a 16 oz. Ice Blended Drink:
Pour 2 scoops of smoothie powder into blender.
Add 6 oz. liquid (cold water or milk) and 16 oz. of ice
Blend until smooth and serve
Garnish with whipped cream or shaved chocolate (optional)

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