Our Mission

To consistently deliver products that will live up to our name, our tradition and our credo. It means that, unlike our competitors, we will not offer an array of coffee, teas and related products for you to choose on our website but instead we will present only a few items, but with the highest quality, grade and standards possible in the market.

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OK...so you need to raise some funds. Let's talk about your needs. Do you need $2500.00 or $5000.00 or $10,000.00 or more? At Enne Caffe we strive to offer you a fundraising plan that will help you achieve goals of this kind. Here is a formula for success: Say that you have 20 people in your organization that can sell Gourmet Coffee. These people may be students, youth group, parents, congregation, etc.; if these 20 people all sell 20 bags of Gourmet Coffee (some will sell more and some less) your group will make a direct profit of $1600.00 (your $4.00 profit x 400 bags = $1600.00) Your Profits could look like this if your supporters continue to order coffee at ennecaffe.com: Initial order sales of 400 people were realized. If 10% or 40 of those individuals order online at the rate of twice per month, you would receive a monthly benefit check of $200.00! Now let's look at our financial picture...

Initial Fundraising Effort: $1600.00 Profit
Potential Website Sales: $2400.00 Profit ($200.00 x 12 = $2400.00)
(2 1/2 times the initial fundraising effort!)

Do you have 10, 20, 30, 40 people who can sell Gourmet Coffee? Do you have a whole school? Do you have a large base of loyal supporters that would buy these Gourmet Products online to support your organization? If you can answer yes to any of these questions then we believe that we can help you successfully raise the funds you need. Let's talk about your fundraising plan:

Directions for Fundraising forms:

Click on the download Product Order Form. You will need to make copies and distribute to all fundraising participants. It is very simple to calculate and sum up products - coffee, tea and smoothies are sold in 12 ounce bags at $10 per bag. You earn 40% profit on every bag soldThis is a significant savings that we offer only for fundraising and is not applicable to any other internet sales via our website.

With the Master Order Form you will calculate total number of product sold multiplied by $6. This is the amount you owe to Enne Caffe. Simply fax or email the form to:  info@ennecaffe.com
Order Fulfillment:

Please make check payable to Enne Caffe. There are no shipping costs (for local organizations) or tax added. As soon as your check clears, orders will be delivered directly to your organization and you will be responsible for handing out orders to fundraising participants.

We suggest parents make a copy of their product order form to keep for themselves to be sure they pick up the correct order.

Enne Caffe wants to be your partner in success. We can work with your organization to custom tailor a solution that meets your needs. We offer Private Label Programs that will help you identify your fundraiser during your sales efforts. We will work with you from the early stages of your campaign through the ongoing support thereafter. At Enne Caffe, we want to be a part of your TEAM!